Monday, February 27, 2006


What a busy weekend I had. Honky tonk bars on Friday night, shopping with my mom on Saturday, The Ultimate Garage Sale art auction on Saturday night, and Paige all day on Sunday. That's more than I usually do in a month.

A shot from the bar after 2 rounds of dancing...

The main purpose of my outing on Saturday morning was to pick up these buttons from Tender Buttons for my cardigan so I can finally finish that sucker up.

Not much further along on my Phildar pullover though, just finished the front and I have the 1st sleeve cast on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

thrift score!

I finally came across a perfect 4 piece Pyrex set with the teal chickens and corn. I had secretly been searching ebay and every thrift/antique store I went in for these so when I spotted them today at the Thrift Connection, my mom was a bit confused by my excitement. But really who can resist these beauties?

I also picked up some fabric for my future Denise Schmidt oven mits pictured underneath my Pyrex set. I don't quite know why I made the purchase of the dotted and citrus prints, but the plaid was for this...

I have been looking for the perfect hot mug since forever because every hot mug I see has Starbucks written all over it or glitter or fake leather sewn on or something like that is not my taste, so I bought the "Make Your Own Photo Hot Mug" at Starbucks and some fabric. A little fusible interfacing and ironing later and VoilĂ ! My perfect mug. Yum.

Monday, February 20, 2006

slowly, slowly

I am slowly moving along on my Phildar Sweater, but so far it seems to be passing inspections. I think Kitty must have an 6th sense that lets her know when I have something I don't want to get hair on because it never fails that within 30 seconds of me laying out one of these objects she is all over them, rolling and kneading and all that stuff.

Here is Scarback Grey Squirrel, easily the silliest squirrel ever. He jumped into the squirrel lunchbox in order to eat the corn and escape the cold and wind. Good thinking Scarback Grey Squirrel.

For Valentines Day I also recieved one pack each of these super cute envelopes. There are 5 per pack and they come with a sticker for each. Now I just need some cute paper to write on. They are way to cute for regular lined paper, but where to find such paper. Hmm...

And the "Something Else" is coming along quite nicely and should be completed shortly.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Number of heart-shaped foods eaten: 3

1. Heart shaped pizza from Giordano's at work.

2. Linzer Hearts made by me.

3. Our traditional heart-shaped meatloaf cheffed up by my len.

I am at the armhole shaping on the back of my Phildar sweater after casting on 3 times and ripping out about 15 rows of armhole shaping last night. Here it is modeled on my new Sukie Folk Handkerchief, a Valentines gift from Luke purchased at the cutest store of all time, Penelope's.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

happy birthday

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

where's the fire..

...i've finished my Log Cabin socks. Last night I decided that I was going to finish them before Jimmy Kimmel was over and sure enough I did just as the credits were rolling. For reference I had just finished the leg of the sock yesterday and was beginning the heel when I picked them up to watch the 10:00 news. I think I have arthritis in my hands and brain now. They are super warm but there's one problem, they are extremely dangerous. I either have to sew leather pads to the bottoms or start saving for my next MRI and more physical therapy.

I have decided on my skirt for the sew? i knit! along. Since I am not allowed to buy any new materials until I use up the ones I have and I don't like any of the skirt patterns I have I will be re-making a pattern I drafted a few years ago, back when I really didn't know how to draft patterns. Now that I do, I am still going to use it, but maybe with some tweaks.

The fabric will be whatever I pull out of my box at the time I decide to start it, or maybe whatever I have that best goes with the latest pair of shoes I've bought, which would be these beauties.

And as for the Knitting Olympics, mine will be entitled the Knitting and Something Else Olympics in order to encompass the Christmas present that has been encompassing my life since way before Christmas. I will be trying to make headway on both the Phildar Tendances Automne 05/06 Sweater # 20 and the Something Else. Phew, good luck to me.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

hi, let me introduce myself...

I'm the girl that bought R2. You know you were wondering who they sold that copy to, well it's me, and look what it's done to me. Yes it's made me crazy. Klaus just called to let me know I have the crazy eye.

In other news... I received a complimentary x-ray today. Some of us have all the luck now don't we.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

target rocks harder than pantera

Indeed it does. What did I do today? Of course I went right over to target to check out the first installment of their Go International Flights of Fashion series. The first designer up is the lovely Luella Bartley of the label Luella. Does it get cuter than that? Hardly.

I was pretty psyched when I saw them on line originally but in person I was smitten. Way to go Target on the quality. The jacket is a heavy soft brushed cotton with full lining and the dress has many more tucks and folds than I would have thought a Target dress would ever have and it has boning, wow. Not to mention I never thought I would see such cuteness at Target, I love target to death but their clothing is not usually my style. Plus the mini-line is just as much fun as Luella. Yum.

I can't wait to see who's next.