Monday, March 13, 2006

finally time for some rest

Two weekends ago I was in Wisconsin. Last weekend I was in New York City. I am ready for a break. I felt like I was walking on razorblades but had an excellent time and yet again my celebrity sighting was a celebrity I didn't know. That's what happens when you grow up not watching tv. It was a weekend of art and friends who have moved to NYC. Sweet.

Here we are across the street from Magnolia after we ate our cupcakes (not sure why we didn't photograph them, 3 of us have degrees in photography (well two but Jeff counts).

I have also started a fruit based purchasing trend. Granny smith apple canisters from Island Antiques in Minoqua, WI.

And a beautiful bright apple and pear print overnight tote from Brooklyn Industries.

By the way, the celebrity sighting was Dougie Howser.


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