Friday, December 30, 2005

"the list"

Damn "the list" just keeps getting longer and longer and longer... it's time to take care of buisness. No more new supplies until I finish some of this crap up. And by crap I mean lovely handcrafted items. "The list" is broken down into two sub-lists:

A. Projects I Have Started (put on hold by the first item on the list)
Luke's Christmas present.
heirloom cardigan
striped mittens
purple skirt
appliqued dish towel
plaid skirt

B. Projects I Have Not Yet Started But Have the Supplies To Make
phildar sweater
R2 scarf
R2 sweater
brown sheep stripey top-ish thing
various skirts and other sewing projects

I am an OCD list maker. If I would use the time I spend making lists completing the things on the lists I wouldn't need half as many lists. It's hard work being uber-organized.

And an action shot of the pugalug begging for treats taken using the "Kids and Pets" setting on my new digital camera. It sure is amazing having a "Kids and Pets" setting, I mean how else would I ever be able to capture such incredible stop motion shots? Oh yea, I could set my ISO to 400. What a bizarre setting.

Monday, December 26, 2005

christmas knitting...check

The Broadstreet Mittens are done. Finished these beauts up on Saturday and then wrapped them up. I think my Dad likes them and they sure fit well.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

the sickness is (almost) over

First the flu, then bronchitis. Can't have one without the other. Here is a picture of my germ.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

a tasty treat

Lemon Madeleines, mmm...

Friday, December 09, 2005

presents presents presents

Almost done with the Christmas presents, phew! Well I suppose I shouldn't say phew! until I have finished the lot of them.

For my mom I made a pouch to hold her knitting accessories which are included since I just taught her how to knit this summer and is always taking mine. She will also be receiving a skein of Color Your Own yarn from Knitpicks as will I so we can dye yarn together. How sweet.

For my Grandma we have a floppy bucket hat with a flower from Interweave Knits, although I am not sure which one at the moment, accompanied by a mistake ribbed scarf with plenty of fringe. She loves a good fringe. This should be interesting because when my mom and I try the hat on we look incredibly idiotic but this is my grandma's' favorite style of hat. No information is gleaned by the model in the magazine for it is modeled by "The Interweave Knits Daughter of the Editor" who I believe looks stoned in every photograph. Made these in Knitpicks Sierra with a little Cascade 220 crochet flower contributed by my mom.

Here are the Broadstreet Mittens from for my father. Still have a bit to go on these puppies. Weave in all those ends, make the caps, blah blah. I am using Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Alpaca Sportweight but I tell you on US2 needles I can see through the fabric. What gives?

And here is a shot of how uber long my Clapotis is. It sure is an animal and sheds like one two. Something like 93" long but I do love it. Warm like tiny bunnies on a string wrapped around your neck or something.

Monday, December 05, 2005

and the winner is...

A Clapotis scarf knitted in Classic Elite Lush for the girl voted "Most Likely to Get Bronchitis Every Year" for 23 years running...

And since that same girl is also the girl voted "Most likely to Become unreasonably Cold and Wish Her Scarf Turned Into a Gigantic Toasty Wrap" it does.


Thursday, December 01, 2005

christmas time is here

The most beautiful tree in the world.

Christmas gifts:
Hat and scarf for Grandma
Mits for dad
Pouch with knitting accessories for mom

My Phildar yarn for the most beautiful sweater under the tree. Can't start till Christmas presents are done and I finish up a few things that need finishing up.