Wednesday, February 22, 2006

thrift score!

I finally came across a perfect 4 piece Pyrex set with the teal chickens and corn. I had secretly been searching ebay and every thrift/antique store I went in for these so when I spotted them today at the Thrift Connection, my mom was a bit confused by my excitement. But really who can resist these beauties?

I also picked up some fabric for my future Denise Schmidt oven mits pictured underneath my Pyrex set. I don't quite know why I made the purchase of the dotted and citrus prints, but the plaid was for this...

I have been looking for the perfect hot mug since forever because every hot mug I see has Starbucks written all over it or glitter or fake leather sewn on or something like that is not my taste, so I bought the "Make Your Own Photo Hot Mug" at Starbucks and some fabric. A little fusible interfacing and ironing later and VoilĂ ! My perfect mug. Yum.


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