Monday, February 20, 2006

slowly, slowly

I am slowly moving along on my Phildar Sweater, but so far it seems to be passing inspections. I think Kitty must have an 6th sense that lets her know when I have something I don't want to get hair on because it never fails that within 30 seconds of me laying out one of these objects she is all over them, rolling and kneading and all that stuff.

Here is Scarback Grey Squirrel, easily the silliest squirrel ever. He jumped into the squirrel lunchbox in order to eat the corn and escape the cold and wind. Good thinking Scarback Grey Squirrel.

For Valentines Day I also recieved one pack each of these super cute envelopes. There are 5 per pack and they come with a sticker for each. Now I just need some cute paper to write on. They are way to cute for regular lined paper, but where to find such paper. Hmm...

And the "Something Else" is coming along quite nicely and should be completed shortly.


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