Sunday, April 09, 2006

space-case wins. or looses.

My output may have seemed a bit low for someone so crafty as I and this is why. Ug that rhymes, nast. The "something else" was revealed to Luke in a desperate attempt to stop him from buying a cute duvet cover at Jonathan Adler, so a photo of it crumpled up on a chair while my fingers take a break from sewing the binding on should be permissible. Today I had to take pain killers to ease the shoulder and wrist tendonitis as well as the fact that I can't touch anything with my middle finger from forcing that needle through layers of fabric.


I also picked up some sweet Vogue patterns at 75% off today. Here is my favorite with it's fabric waiting to be turned into either a) a shirt dress that is uber-cool or b) a shirt dress that gives people migranes to look at.

fabric and shirtdress pattern

Hoping to attend Ladytron on 4-21 and Yeah Yeah Yeahs on 4-14 but we'll see if I space on that like I spaced on Belle & Sebastion + the New Pornographers. Wow that was lame of me.


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