Friday, December 09, 2005

presents presents presents

Almost done with the Christmas presents, phew! Well I suppose I shouldn't say phew! until I have finished the lot of them.

For my mom I made a pouch to hold her knitting accessories which are included since I just taught her how to knit this summer and is always taking mine. She will also be receiving a skein of Color Your Own yarn from Knitpicks as will I so we can dye yarn together. How sweet.

For my Grandma we have a floppy bucket hat with a flower from Interweave Knits, although I am not sure which one at the moment, accompanied by a mistake ribbed scarf with plenty of fringe. She loves a good fringe. This should be interesting because when my mom and I try the hat on we look incredibly idiotic but this is my grandma's' favorite style of hat. No information is gleaned by the model in the magazine for it is modeled by "The Interweave Knits Daughter of the Editor" who I believe looks stoned in every photograph. Made these in Knitpicks Sierra with a little Cascade 220 crochet flower contributed by my mom.

Here are the Broadstreet Mittens from for my father. Still have a bit to go on these puppies. Weave in all those ends, make the caps, blah blah. I am using Blue Sky Alpacas 100% Alpaca Sportweight but I tell you on US2 needles I can see through the fabric. What gives?

And here is a shot of how uber long my Clapotis is. It sure is an animal and sheds like one two. Something like 93" long but I do love it. Warm like tiny bunnies on a string wrapped around your neck or something.


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