Friday, December 30, 2005

"the list"

Damn "the list" just keeps getting longer and longer and longer... it's time to take care of buisness. No more new supplies until I finish some of this crap up. And by crap I mean lovely handcrafted items. "The list" is broken down into two sub-lists:

A. Projects I Have Started (put on hold by the first item on the list)
Luke's Christmas present.
heirloom cardigan
striped mittens
purple skirt
appliqued dish towel
plaid skirt

B. Projects I Have Not Yet Started But Have the Supplies To Make
phildar sweater
R2 scarf
R2 sweater
brown sheep stripey top-ish thing
various skirts and other sewing projects

I am an OCD list maker. If I would use the time I spend making lists completing the things on the lists I wouldn't need half as many lists. It's hard work being uber-organized.

And an action shot of the pugalug begging for treats taken using the "Kids and Pets" setting on my new digital camera. It sure is amazing having a "Kids and Pets" setting, I mean how else would I ever be able to capture such incredible stop motion shots? Oh yea, I could set my ISO to 400. What a bizarre setting.


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