Thursday, January 19, 2006


Doesn't the Snaggle Tooth look so cozy wrapped up in my R2 Snug scarf? That's exactly what I look like wearing it, only I have legs instead of roots.

Here are the beginnings of R2 Cuddle with the "snood." I am 99% sure this will somewhat reduce my longing to be wrapped in every piece of clothing I own. Well maybe 40% sure, layering is a hard habit to break.

And here we have a bit of airplane/California knitting. I need a smallish project to take with and somehow I thought the size US35 needles weren't the most portable. They will be in Cascade 220 color = Pear on US4 needles instead of the super fat yarn on US5 needles. They're the Log Cabin socks of course, and they ought to solve another one of my cold feet.

It is hard work being cold...always looking like a marshmallow, snuggling into a flannel sheet, blanket, down comforter, flannel quilt and crocheted throw whilst wearing long underwear under your pajamas, and such. So it is off to California this weekend to meet more of Luke's family and hopefully absorb a bit of warmth. And see some art. No tans though, got the SPF packed already.


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