Wednesday, January 25, 2006

hummus anyone?

Made a delicious recipe for "Luxury Hummus" from my How to Cook cookbook. It's uber tasty but made quite a bit more hummus than I can eat without turning into it. I would like to invite all two of my readers, Luke and Jon, to take some. Please?

Last night my right foot was kept toasty warm by my one finished sock. Too bad I made it in such a light color, the only thing I could photograph it against was this couch. Not the most beautiful background. Actually neither of these are beautiful photographs since the hummus and the counter are practically the same color.

Here is a list of a few shows I am hoping to attend...anyone interested? Two readers?

Cat Power - 26 Feb - Vic
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 27 Feb - Logan Square Auditorium
Belle & Sebastian and The New Pornographers - 10 March - Rivera
Art Brut - 30 March - Metro
Built to Spill - 14/15 April - Metro
Ladytron - 21 April - Metro

Going alone, well it just never happens.


Blogger jonathan said...

I thought ou said "Hamas," Like the majority Palastinian pollitical party.

11:57 AM  

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