Thursday, January 26, 2006

baguettes fraîches

Ah, je suis très fatigué! Tried out the baguette recipe in my Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook and I have to say, making baguettes is akin to finding a sick bird and nursing it to health. I have been adding this and that, letting them rest, tucking them in, gently patting them and swaddling them in a towel in my bathroom (the warmest room in this cold cold house) for more rest for the last well, about 24 hours. In the end I nursed 4 beautiful baby baguettes to health only to feel sorry when I was forced to kill one to feed my family. It was hard deciding who would go first.

Pretty tasty overall, even though I forgot to add most of the salt. All that work and of course I space out on something. Next time I will make these little guys on the weekend instead of during the work week, too hard to concentrate after a day of concentrating.


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Er J'aime les baguettes!

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