Monday, January 23, 2006

back on the ground

There was a treat awaiting me upon my return from San Diego...snow! It's about time. Winter has been cheap-ass this year and it's about time for it to pay up. And by pay up I mean give me my snow. For Christmas I received a sweet pair of snow boots from my mom but I was starting to think it was a curse in the shape of snow boots.

San Diego was a good time, I met the rest of Luke's family, played some Barbie, saw a few photos and enjoyed some warm weather. Here are a few photos from the journey.

Santa Monica Beach

Luke with our sweet rented ride.

And of course the airplane knitting. I would have finished but I started knitting the smaller size on the way to San Diego and being on a plane, I was unable to try them on. I knit almost the entire cuff but found they were too small, so rip rip rip and now here's where I am. They will most certainly be warm. I can't wait.

On our return flight there were these three ladies who knit. Well there was one lady in a "Got Yarn?" t-shirt and she seemed like the leader of the three. She knit continental faster than the airplane we were on was going, and the other two seemed to be chugging along and asking her a lot of questions about some yarns they had seen in chunks of swatches somewhere. The leader said she thought they were probably Lorna's Laces. The leader also talked yarn faster than she knit, while she was knitting. Quite impressive.


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