Thursday, January 05, 2006

movin' along

Well item number 3 is moving much closer to finishing. The Heirloom Cardigan from Rowan 37 has been sitting with one button band unsewn for weeks now. I attached the first one and in doing so realized that it was my most tedious knitting related action, well since I started knitting. After that I just let it hang out and throw pleading looks at me to finish it.

So I finally buckled down and sewed it on, but now it has no buttons. I had buttons all picked out, some cheap-ass Hancock Fabrics plastic pearl buttons. Best lookin' thing at Hancock but everything was about to change on a recent trip to Barney's with ol' Bats.

We happened upon Tender Buttons. I would say that we head down to that corner quite a bit scouting out suits but never had I noticed this store. Well they have some super sweet buttons that I have decided this sweater deserves. All real non-plastic pearly, smooth and cold, and I do feel like I owe this sweater after making it sit around so long. So back to waiting it goes.


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