Friday, November 04, 2005

decoratively hooded pullover

I put the non-finishing touches on my Hooded Pullover tonight.
Exhibit A:

Hmm...(perhaps you are thinking) that is not looking so non-finished. Well to that I offer Exhibit B:

Someone save me before that too small hood eats me alive.

In other news the Quietude for my Phildar sweater is backordered 1-2 weeks leaving me plenty of time to re-work this hood, and a tiny (well 54") beautiful blue Eddy Merckx bike and hopefully on of these will be coming my way tomorrow morning courtesy of Luke, the man who had me start this thing I call snaggle tooth.


Blogger Carly said...

Wow! I love your sweater! Just gorgeous, and the color is great too. Hoodies are my favorite, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to knit one yet!

1:42 PM  
Blogger bee said...

Thanks so much. I was scared at first but the hood was actually really easy if you don't count the part where I have to take it apart and make it taller. You should totally make one. I don't know how to reply other than in my comments section...hmmm...there must be another way...

10:46 PM  

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